Jumuah Tickets


  • Starting this Friday, at some community members’ request, we will try a different system for Jumuah. The first sermon will be a walk-in first come first served. If the Masjid capacity is full, security personnel  - by the door - will hand in tickets for the second sermon. When capacity is reached again, they will hand in tickets with another color for the third sermon. You will ONLY be able to attend the sermon for which you have the associated ticket color. 
    Example: if you have a red ticket designated for the 2nd sermon and you come late and miss it, you will not be allowed into the 3rd sermon. Your ticket is null and void.
  • An online survey will be sent to the people who previously registered for Friday prayers to ask their opinion on which system we should keep.  Please don’t answer the survey immediately, wait and try this week’s system then submit your answer. Only one answer for each participant and only people who received the survey via e-mail will be counted. If you submit multiple answers or forward the survey e-mail to someone else, the system will void your vote. Please participate and help form the decision. Survey results will be announced to the community.

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