Imam Position Open

The NHIC is looking to hire a full time Imam. The job description can be found here. Each applicant must email his resume to

Jumuah Announcements - June 23rd
  • Zakat Al fitr is $10 per person; please use the designated envelopes before you put it in the donation boxes.
  • Tonight will be the Khatma (closing) of Quran. Please bring your family to attend this blessed event.
  • Eid prayer will be Sunday June 25th in the Masjid parking lot. Takbeer will start at 7:30am and Eid prayer will start at 8:00am. Please visit our website for more information.
  • Starting Saturday June 24th, Isha will be at 10:15pm and Fajr will be 4:00am.
  • Eid Carnival will start at 5:00pm and will run until 11:00pm. Tickets are available for sale outside the Masjid and are also available at the Halal store and Modish Family store. 

Other Announcements                  

  • Girls Club Summer Camp Registration Link more info
  • Boys Club Event Registration Link more info
  • NHIC is looking for community members to join our Board of Education. The Board of Education consists of volunteer representatives made up of NHIC community members who have previous experience or a degree in Education such as previous experience as a teacher, staff, or principal in a school, or previous experience serving in an Islamic school board of education. Registration link 
  • Wenkend School & Dar AlQuran: Both the Weekend School and Dar AlQuran have ended for a 6 weeks Ramadan/ summer break. Both programs will resume on July 15th inshAllah.

  • Masjid decoration and delicious food event pictures

  • Weekend school offers classes for Arabic speaking children more
  • Quran and Tajweed for brothers is now every Wednesday night between Maghrib and Ishaa prayers.
  • New Quran program for youth more
  • Interested in joining a subcommittee to serve your Masjid and the community? click here.
  • Adult sisters Arabic & Quran learning more
  • We are currently hiring for teachers and a school principal read more
  • Would you like to volunteer with us? We have the opportunity to start many programs with your help. Sign up today to become a volunteer on a regular basis or by activity. 


The NHIC is continuously growing because of your generous donations. We need more funds to complete our projects from building maintenance, to parking upkeep, classrooms renovations, etc. The future of your children and this community's lies in your hands.


Subscribe for a donation as little as $2, $3, or $5 per day. Your will be billed on a monthly basis for the next 12 months. You can cancel your subscription at any time. details

Rules & Regulations

Parking Rules & Towing

Please observe the city rules and regulations for parking. Vehicles will towed at owner's expense. 

Children's Supervision
All children must be attended inside and outside of the Masjid premises. Children are not allowed to be outside of the Masjid without adult supervision.