Jumuah Announcements - February 16th 


  • Asr Iqama will be at 3:15pm going forward.
  • There's a general lecture today with Imam Bachir after Isha prayer as well as sisters' Halaqa at 8:15pm.
  • Boys' Quran Halaqa is today from 6:00pm to 7:00pm.
  • Adult Quran Halaqa is on Sundays after Fajr prayer.
  • Arabic for Adults placement test will be on Sunday February 18th after Maghrib prayer from 5:30pm to 7:00pm.
  • NBA All Star Game Youth Nights - Saturday and Sunday February 17&18th after Isha prayer.
  • Learn & Heal Tai Chi Training for Refugees With Chronic Pain. To register, please contact Imam Bachir. 
  • Comparative Fiqh Studies & Reflections in Muwata' Al-Imam Malik Ibn Ana's is daily after Isha and Fajr prayers.  



Other Announcements                  

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  • Interested in joining a subcommittee to serve your Masjid and the community? click here.

  • Adult sisters Arabic & Quran learning more
  • Would you like to volunteer with us? We have the opportunity to start many programs with your help. Sign up today to become a volunteer on a regular basis or by activity. 


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Rules & Regulations

Parking Rules & Towing

Please observe the city rules and regulations for parking. Vehicles will towed at owner's expense. 

Children's Supervision
All children must be attended inside and outside of the Masjid premises. Children are not allowed to be outside of the Masjid without adult supervision.