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  • Community Aid - Visit this page to see how you can help Muslims in your area.
  • Please join us every night after Isha prayer for a quick Khatirah (speech) by our Sheikh Mohamed Abdelati.

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله

شاركونا كل ليلة بعد صلاة العشاء بحضور خاطره يلقيها شيخنا محمد عبد العاطي مباشرة بعد الصلاه. جزاكم الله خيرا

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  • Sheikh Mohamed gave a beautiful speech about the devided Umah and the violent events that took place in the recent days. Hi first point was that the prophet Mohamed PBUH was sent to all mankind and not to a particular more
  • To become a community member, fill and turn in your registration card. You can download the PDF file from the "Community Member Registration" section directly under the scrolling announcement images.
  • Arabic and Islamic Studies teachers wanted for our Islamic School. 
  • Visit our Community News page for more announcements related to our community members (Birth, Akika, deaths, Janaza, Taazia, marriages, Nikah ceremonies, etc.).
Community Member Registration
Submit your information to the NHIC (will be treated as confidential) and become a registered member of this community. Download this form, print your information, and hand it to a committee member.
Registration Card.pdf
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The NHIC is continuously growing because of your generous donations. We need more funds to complete our projects from building maintenance, to parking upkeep, classrooms renovations, etc. The future of your children and this community's lies in your hands.


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Rules & Regulations

Food & Drink Policy

Drinking and eating will not be allowed at the Bull Hill Ln. Plaza in store #5.



Please observe the city rules and regulations for parking. Do not, under any circumstances, block driveways or mailboxes. All cars must leave 25 feet from street corners.

The NHIC has authorized R&L Towing Company 203-932-2347 to tow cars, at the owner’s expense, that are in violation from its parking lot. Violations constitute but are not restricted to:

- Blocking the driveway, an entrance, an exit, or trash bin

- Parked in a handicap spot without permit

- Parked in a location that is not a parking spot

- Parked overnight without special NHIC permit

- Blocking other cars

- UNH students without a valid UNH parking sticker

- UNH students parked in the opposite side of the allotted space

All children must be attended inside and outside the Masjid. Children are not allowed to be outside of the Masjid's property without an adult.