• Friday June 17th Announcements

    • Please donate generously to support your Masjid and the many activities that we are offering this Ramadan.

    • Please donate your Zakat Al Fitr as early as you can so that we have time to distribute it. Place your Zakat in an envelope and label it Zakat Al Fitr. Zakat Al Fitr is $10 per person in your household.

    • We still have four days of Iftar that are not sponsored. You can either sponsor the full Iftar or sponsor part of it by donating cash. 

      • Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday the cost is $600

      • Thursday & Sunday the cost is $900

      • Friday & Saturday the cost is $1,200

    • We need security volunteers as soon as possible. Please see any staff members or Board members to volunteer.

  • Orlando Shooting

    • Statement by the Clergy of Orange on the masacre in Orlando. read
    • The NHIC condemns the shooting spree that happened at an Orlando, Fla., nightclub. Our condolences go to the families that have been affected.
  • Would you like to volunteer with us? We have the opportunity to start many programs with your help. Sign up today to become a volunteer on a regular basis or by activity. click here
  • Taraweeh Prayers

Taraweeh prayers will be after Ishaa prayers at 10:15pm.

  • Taraweeh Prayers Rules

    - All cell phones must be off or on silent.

    - All children must be with their parents at ALL times or in the babysitting service.
    - Babysitting/camp program starts on Monday June 6th after Iftar.

    - Children are not allowed to be outside of the Masjid. No playing will be tolerated on the sidewalk or in the parking lot.

    - Discussions are not allowed during the speeches.

    - Announcements can only be made by the Sheikh, the executive committee, or the Board or Trustees.

    - Parking rules will be enforced. If not parked in a designated space, your car will be towed at your own expense.

  • Iftar schedule is posted online here

  • Quran Recitation in English During Ramadan

    Our community needs to understand the meaning of the Quran as well as hearing it during Taraweeh prayers. English reading of the previous day's Quran recitation will be offered for the first time in our history. We will start the English reading on Monday at 9:45 pm (30 minutes before Ishaa).

  • The first day of Ramadan will be Monday June 6th and Eid AlFitr will be on Wednesday July 6th insha'Allah. The NHIC would like to wish you a blessed Ramadan. May Allah accept our fasting and unite us.

  • Dar Al Quran May Announcements - Updated on May 24th 
    • If you have not made your payments for April and May, please do so as soon as possible.
    • The last class before Ramadan will be on May 25th.
    • During the month of Ramadan, Quran classes will meet every Saturday from 1:00 - 2:30pm. Classes will be on June 11th, 18th, 25th and July 2nd.
    • All children picked up after 7:05pm will be subject to a late pickup fee. Fees will be charged by five minute increments and will cost $5 per increment per child. The same will apply during the month of Ramadan.
  • Executive Committee Elections Updates - May 30th 

    • The election subcommittee will be composed of:

      • Dr. Yahya Naggar

      • Sheikh Hani Naser

      • Sister Shazia Khan

  • May 14th Community Meeting Recap

- Brother Abdelmajid has announced his resignation from the executive committee.

- The majority of community attendees voted in favor of conducting executive committee elections before Ramadan and in accordance to the current Bylaws.
- Bylaws amendments will be put on hold until the new executive committee is operational.
- The community will reconvene to discuss whether the Masjid needs to be registered with NAIT or our own endowment.

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Rules & Regulations

Parking Rules & Towing

Please observe the city rules and regulations for parking. Vehicles will towed at owner's expense. If your vehicle has been towed, please contact:

Bruneau's Garage Inc.


235 Front Avenue, West Haven, CT 06516

Children's Supervision
All children must be attended inside and outside of the Masjid premises. Children are not allowed to be outside of the Masjid's without adult supervision.