About Us

2016 Executive Committee

  • President: Mohamed Elnaw
  • Vice President: Tariq Khan
  • Treasurer: ​Liz Bissell
  • Members: ​
    • Mohammed A. Rahman
    • Fatima Salim


The following is a short timeline of our organization’s history.

  • 1978: A group of UNH students bought a house to use as a prayer area.
  • Late 1980s: More students and some local Muslims started praying at the house in congregation.
  • 1990: The Masjid was remodeled & enlarged to meet the needs of the Muslims.
  • Mid/Late 1990s: The West Haven community was formally acknowledged and established.
  • 2000-Present: The community has grown tremendously.

Throughout the years, as the community grew, our organization strived to meet their needs. You can visit the “Services” tab for the list of activities that we offer.

The one issue that we could not overcome is that of space and parking. We worked hard to remodel our center to accommodate more people for the Friday Sermon (khutba). However, our attendance keeps on increasing which raises the same challenge again. We hope now that we are owners of the newly purchased plaza that we will be able to pay it off soon and move our center there to overcome all of these issues.