Our Imam

Sheikh Ahmad Hemaya


Imam Ahmad M. Hemaya is a scholar of Hadith and Fiqh, hafiz of Quran, artist, poet, and published author. He comes from Michigan where he got his Masters in Comparative Religion and Anthropology from Western Michigan University. With both his parents being hafiz and scholars at Al-Azhar, Ahmad became hafiz at 11 years old and earned one of the most special Quran Ijazas from the head of Quran Scholars of Egypt. He learned from over 70 scholars at Al-Azhar where he memorized three thousand hadiths and studied Islam for 17 years until his graduation with bachelor in Sharia in 2002. He also won in 1996 the award of the best poet at Al-Azhar.


He speaks four languages and is a published author of six books in various languages including his outstanding work on Islam: “Islam, a Profound Insight”. His other works are on history, economics, astronomy and anthropology.

He founded and led three charity organizations in Africa where he built schools, medical centers, wells and job training centers helping thousands of people to have a better life.


Imam Ahmad lived and visited about 20 countries around the globe, including Switzerland and Germany where he was a judge for Muslim Communities, Egypt where he served as an Educational Advisor of the Grand Mufti of Egypt, and was the senior Imam of the Iconic Mosque of Egypt “Sultan Hasan”.


In his free time, Ahmad likes horseback riding, hunting and works out regularly.