Official Bylaws

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Bylaw Amendment


11/18/18: Dear NHIC community 

‎السلام عليكم و رحمت الله و بركاته

The Bylaw Amendment vote was held as scheduled on Saturday 11-17-2018.
Following the EC/BOT presentation. community members voiced their questions and concerns.
Postponement was suggested and the show of hands were four in favor.
All attendees were asked for a show of hands as to proceeding with the vote as scheduled. 
Five opposed and the vast majority were in favor and the voting took place.
Votes were casted pursuant to the then current bylaws and the results were tabulated by three community Volunteers.
The final voting results :
- 30 Votes YES to the Amendments 
- 20 Votes No to the Amendment.

The Bylaw Amendments passed and went into effect immediately.
May Allah (SWA ) reward immensely all those who participated in the process to protect NHIC and its members as well as our community.
Please make a special Dua for the community representatives who attended many late meetings, courageously stood up for the islamic principals and debated vigorously to deliver the amendments for your vote.
May Allah guide us all to success. 


11/14/18: A new Bylaw draft has been posted. This proposed amendment is the corrected version as of November 12, 2018. While reviewing the proposed amendment comparison to the original bylaws is recommended.


11/10/18: As per the current NHIC bylaws, ALL Amendments must be prepared by both EC & BOT and presented to NHIC members to review and vote.

Announcements were made to have Six volunteer membership representatives join the EC & BOT to propose needed amendments although this is not required by the current Bylaws.

The Executive Committee, Board of Trustees and Six volunteer membership representatives have concluded on the Bylaw amendments.

All members are encouraged to participate and review the amendments which are clearly outlined in “Red color font”.

Below are the Bylaw Amendments.

The voting event will take place InshaAllah at the Masjid on
Saturday 11-17-18 after Salat-ul-Isha 7:15PM.
All members shall be required to have proper identification and meet the NHIC voting requirements.

The results will be announced upon conclusion of the counts on site.