Executive Committee Elections

2/3/19 Elections Results


Assalamo Alaykum,

NHIC conducted its Executive Committee (EC) elections on February 2nd, 2019. The following are your new EC members.


  • President: Shamssud-deen Kandjrika
  • Vice President: Tariq Khan
  • Treasurer: Mohammed Mohamednoor
  • Secretary: Karima El-Hamraoui
  • Members: 
    • Eeman Abbasi
    • Abdul Rahman Nached
  • Sisters' Liaison: Athena Shatara


Elections SubCommittee

2/1/19 Elections Update


Assalamo Alaykum,

Inshaa Allah the election for the new Executive Committee will be held on this coming Saturday, February 2nd., after Isha. The following will be our timeline and procedures. 
- Registration will start at 7:50pm. 
- Only members whose names are on the official NHIC members’ list are allowed to register.

To be eligible for voting:

  1. Your name has been marked on the official NHIC’s members’ list as an eligible voter. 
  2. 18 years or older.
  3. A US citizen or a legal resident.
  4. You have been a member for at least one year. 
  5. You attended at least one of the General Assembly Meetings during the past 12 month and signed “yourself” up on the attendees sheet.(the meetings were: one on January 2018, one for the By-Laws on November 17, 2018 and the last one on this January 19, 2019).

- An ID will be required for registration and voting. No ID, no voting.

- Registration will close at 8:30pm. If the number of registered members reaches 33% (58) of the total eligible voters (around 175) on the official NHIC members’ list, then a quorum will be official and the voting process will proceed.

Hope to see all members there. Thank you.


Elections SubCommittee



1/19/19: EC Elections Timeline & Procedures


Assalamo Aleykom, 
Based on the current weather forecast, we will conduct the Executive Committee elections tonight, January 19th, after Isha InshaAllah. The following will be our timeline and procedures.
  • Registration will start at 7:45pm.
  • Only members whose names are on the official NHIC members’ list are allowed to register and vote.
  • An ID will be required for registration and voting.
  • Registration will close at 8:15pm. If the number of registered members reaches 50% (308) of the total official NHIC members’ list (616), then a quorum will be official and the voting process will proceed.
Thank you,
Elections Committee 



1/17/19 Meet & Greet the NHIC EC Candidates


In order to get the NHIC members to know more about the Executive Committee (EC) candidates, the Election Committee is inviting the community and the EC candidates to a non-mandatory and unofficial Meet & Greet event.
This is not a General Assembly meeting and attendance will not be taken.
When: Friday, January 18th after Isha prayer.
Where: NHIC unit #5





Asalaamualaikom Respected Brothers and Sisters,

We would like to thank everyone who voiced their concerns about the election process. In an effort to help strengthen the unity of our community, and in accordance to the NHIC Bylaws, the NHIC Executive Committee and the Board of Trustees will hold a General Assembly Meeting on January 12th, 2019. The agenda for this meeting is to update the community on the NHIC state of affairs. The EC Elections will be postponed and will be held on Saturday, January 19th, 2019 after Isha Prayer.
  • General Assembly Meeting - Saturday, January 12, 2019 after Isha Prayer
  • EC Elections - Saturday, January 19, 2019 after Isha Prayer
Please accept this invitation and please plan to attend. Attending this meeting will fulfill one of the requirements for NHIC Voting Membership. Eligible members who have met all of the requirements will be able to vote in the upcoming EC and BOT elections. The requirements, as stated in the NHIC Bylaws for NHIC Voting Memberships are:
Section 6.3.2 Voting Membership
Any individual who is regularly in the NHIC and known by the Imam and or the EC qualifies to become a member. A member shall have the right to vote in the General Assembly meetings. Periodic review of the membership shall be done by the EC to check the voting rights.
  1. Participate in most NHIC activities
  2. Donors/volunteers
  3. Age 18+
  4. Member for at least 1 year
  5. Legal status, permanent resident or a U.S. citizen
  6. Participate in at least 1 General Assembly Meeting in the year of the election
Thank you for your patience. We hope to see all of our community members at the General Assembly Meeting and at the EC Elections, Inshallah.



12/30/18: Election Committee Update

Br.’s Yassine and Sabri have resigned from their positions at the Election Committee and their replacements appointed are Br. Maher Elserraj and Sister Mary Sorrells effective immediately.



12/21/18: NOTICE to NHIC Members - Elections Update

Based on the current questions that we are receiving and rumors, the elections subcommittee has deemed it necessary to explain the process in detail.

On behalf of BOT and EC of the NHIC, the Elections Committee will give a presentation on the election process on December 22, 2018 after Isha Salaat.

All members are welcome.


  • Explanation of the elections process
  • Address membership and voting eligibility discrepancies
  • Address any election-related grievances

There have been reports of some misinformation and rumors going around and in the spirit of having transparency, abiding by our Bylaws, and having fair and free elections, the Elections Committee wants to make sure that the NHIC members understand the rules and that we are all on the same page regarding the upcoming elections.

This will provide an opportunity to our community to bring forth their questions and concerns. The BOT and Executive committee shall be present.

The agenda of this meeting is restricted to the elections process only. No other topic will be entertained.

Pursuant to the Bylaws, anyone that raises their voice, shows disrespect, or defames the character of a candidate, an elected official, or NHIC member will be asked to leave or will be escorted out and shall be subject to revocation of membership.

The Executive Committee elections will be postponed to January 5, 2019 so that the following can be addressed in advance of the elections:

  • Offer an explanation to the community as communicated above
  • Produce an up-to-date list of eligible voters
  • Conduct candidates’ background checks as mandated by the Bylaws
  • Address disputed candidacy eligibility

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Elections Committee via email nhicelections@gmail.com or in person:

  • Altaf Abbassi (head of Elections Committee)
  • Sabri Gebril
  • Yassine Boualem

Elections Committee



12/19/18: As we know the initial sub-committee of elections constituted was lacking quorum due to two members leaving the sub-committee and was operating through sole member, brother Altaf Abbasi. BOT has stepped in to provide remedy for that situation and have asked brothers Sabri and brother Yassine to assist brother Altaf as election sub-committee members. Two additional brothers, brother Maher and brother Naseer have also volunteered to help with the election process. The sub-committee of elections needs more volunteers especially on the sisters' side. So please come forward if you are willing to volunteer.




12/17/18: Voting is set to December 22nd after Isha. At least 50% of the members are required to be present for the voting to take place. Roughly 260 community members are required to be present for the voting. Otherwise the elections get postponed to two weeks.

Below is the list of candidates

12/10/18: We will hold a community meet and greet and town hall with the remaining candidates on Saturday December 15th, 2018 after Isha salaat in the Masjid. Voting is now scheduled for Saturday December 22nd, 2018 after Isha salaat.

Please fill out the nomination forms for the candidates that you wish to nominate and turn them in.

Following is the schedule. All events take play after Isha prayer.

- The meet and greet and town hall meeting will be combined and will be on December 1st due to Thanksgiving weekend on November 24th. 

- Election voting will now be on December 8th.

The candidates’ nomination form can be downloaded via the following link http://www.nhicct.org/home/elections
You could also obtain a nomination form from the election sub-committee members, br. Altaf Abbasi, br. Shabbir Khan and sis. Fatimah.
Please fill the nomination forms and hand them in person to any of the above mentioned election sub-committee members.
For any inquiries please contact us.
Thank you,
Election Sub-Committee



11/18/18: Please note the following changes as per the the new Bylaws. 
1. Elections will be held according to the newly passed bylaws.
2. New bylaws require to have 7 EC positions filled instead of 5 before. 
3. In order to encourage more nominations for the added positions, we are extending the last date for submitting the nomination form to Monday November 26th, 2018.



11/15/18: EC Nomination Deadline Reminder

The last date for filing nomination papers for the upcoming Executive Committee election is Friday, November 16th. Please submit your nomination (s) before then.




11/10/18: Executive Committee Elections Date Changes

Due to voting on Bylaws amendments on November 17th, we need to update the EC elections activities dates.

The meet and greet and town hall meeting will be combined and will be on December 1st due to Thanksgiving weekend on November 24th. 
Election voting will now be on December 8th.

NHIC Membership Form.pdf
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