Crimes in the name of Islam are crimes against Islam

The recent journalists' murder in France was supposedly to revenge the prophet Mohamed peace be upon him (PBUH); however, such action is not supported in Islam because the prophet Mohamed PBUH himself never took revenge although he had the ability to. The prophet Mohamed PBUH used to be harmed by the disbelievers in Makah and his companions used to be tortured and killed so much so that they had to immigrate from Makah to Medina and from Medina to Abyssinia (modern-day Ethiopia) to flee the harm and death threats. When the prophet Mohamed PBUH came back to Makah and had the upper hand, he asked the disbelievers what they thought their faith was going to be now that he was in power. They told him, oh Mohamed, you are a good brother and we expect what is best from you! The prophet Mohamed PBUH had the chance to take revenge just like how anyone in power would do but he did not. He set everyone free and as a result of his act of mercy many embraced Islam. The following are a couple of stories highlighting the same points. 


Story #1 His Uncle's Murder
Hind bint Utbah promised Wahshi ibn Harb to set him free and reward him if he succeeded to kill Hamza ibn Abdul-Muttalib; the uncle of the prophet Muhamed PBUH and his dearest family member. Wahshi succeeded to kill Hamza and Hind cut Hamza's stomach open and took his organs out and mutilated his face. The prophet Muhamed PBUH, swore to revenge the death of Hamza by killing 70 individuals from Hind's tribe but Allah SWT revealed to the prophet Muhamed PBUH that if he chose to take revenge, it had to be done justly and needed to be a man for a man; however, patience was mostly recommended and highly rewarded. The prophet Muhamed PBUH chose to be patient and not take revenge. Later on, both Hind and Wahshi converted to Islam.


Story #2 Assassination Plot
It is narrated that Safwan ibn Umayah and Umair ibn Wahb were sitting together by the Kabaa in Makah. Umair confessed to Safwan, in total secrecy, that he wanted to kill the prophet Mohamed PBUH but had no means to do it because he had many children that will be uncared for and was in debt. Since Safwan had the same goal, he told Umair he was going to take care of both of his concerns. Umair's son was a prisoner of war to Muslims from the battle of Badr which and it was another incentive for Umair to go meet Mohamed PBUH. Umair embarked in a three day journey and upon his arrival, Umair was intercepted to Omar ibn Alkatab, a companion of the prophet Mohamed PBUH who took him to Mohamed PBUH. Upon seeing them, Prophet Mohamed PBUH instructed Omar to release Umair and asked him why he came. Umair told the prophet Mohamed PBUH that he had only come to get his son back. The prophet Mohamed PBUH asked Umair why he was carrying a sword if he came in piece but Umair did not give a straight answer. The prophet Mohamed PBUH told Umair about the entire conversation that he and Safwan had in secrecy and upon realizing that no one could possibly have brought this information to the prophet Mohamed PBUH except for a divine revelation, Umair accepted Islam. As time passed Umair's son and his accomplice Safwan embraced Islam.


In conclusion, Islam is a religion of piece and mercy. Those committing crimes in the name of Islam are by no means following the teachings of Islam and do not represent the Muslims. Islam teaches us to value human life regardless of what the person's ethnicity, gender, or religion is.