Letter of Excuse for Muslim Students

Download, print, fill out, and submit this letter to your children's school to get them excused from going to school on the day of Eid.

Letter of Excuse for Eid Celebration
Adobe Acrobat document [809.8 KB]

Community Assistance Application

Community members seeking assistance from NHIC must download and fill out this application. Upon submission, it will be reviewed and someone will be in touch with you. Applications can be dropped off in donation boxes in the Masjid or can be left with a Masjid official.

Adobe Acrobat document [460.3 KB]

Will & Testament

Download to edit or print your last will & testament. There is a short and long version. After filling out your will, you must notarize it and file it with a lawyer. You may then submit a notarized copy to the NHIC. You may do so by dropping it off in person or by mail. Please contact us to ensure that we have received it.




Testament Short
This is a short version of the testament.
Testament Short.doc
Microsoft Word document [37.5 KB]
Testament Long
This is a long version of the testament.
Testament Long.doc
Microsoft Word document [59.0 KB]